Sex Magick + Gender Confetti + Big Mermaid + The Painted Hands

Gender Confetti

Big Mermaid, The Painted Hands

Ages 18+
All inclusive Indie/punk/rock whatever show!!

Sex Magick - Husband and Wife Musick Experiment formerly known as Dusty Santamaria + Moira Ichiban. Somewhere between the dream and its interpretation.

Big Mermaid - Big Mermaid has been given the letter grade of A-. Big Mermaid brings punk rock to the jazzercise community; Big Mermaid brings jazzercise to the punk rock community; free Zumba for all.

Gender Confetti - Gender Confetti is a cute queer punk band from Madison, WI, made up of Elyse Clouthier (all pronouns) and Sylvia Johnson (they/them or she/her). The duo pulls sonic inspiration from a wide range of genres, including riot grrrl, surf rock, hardcore, pop punk, and disco glam. Their message is radical and explicitly political. They write songs about queer liberation, anti-capitalism, gender deviance, polyamory, trans rights, ethical communication, mutual care, romantic friendships, genital dysphoria, experimental sex, and shattering binaries.

The Painted Hands - ur fav and most fashionable NOLA vintage rockers

Venue Information:
Gasa Gasa
4920 Freret St
New Orleans, LA, 70115