All People, The Fruit Machines, Kay Weathers

Thu, December 21, 2017

Doors: 7:00 pm / Show: 8:00 pm


This event is 18 and over

All People
All People
All People's initial concept was "All People Translate Pure Unfiltered Emotion." The phrase described what the band would be for us: a conduit for emotion and feeling. It's a kind of mantra or spiritual belief that also touches on the idea that we wholeheartedly believe there is a pure and common energy connecting all of humanity. Music is our method of self expression within this common energy, but each person has their unique way of expressing what's in their hearts.

All People – "S/T" is our third album and the most accurate representation of that concept. The record is a 'soundtrack to youthful daydreams with fits of ecstasy and a preoccupation with the crushing drama of the small stuff' — 27 minutes of dark and dreamy post-punk inspired by synth-driven bands of the '80s and guitar-driven bands of the early '90s and bound by introspective lyrics. Themes touch on mental illness and anxiety and incidents of death and suicide we experienced among our loved ones — all woven into our perception of human nature. These songs help us stay positive and not succumb to depression. There is light at both ends of the tunnel.

All People – "S/T" is out Friday, May 20 2016 on Community Records. The band and DIY label are based in New Orleans, Louisiana. All People's Daniel Ray and Greg Rodrigue also co-founded and run Community Records.
Venue Information:
Gasa Gasa
4920 Freret St
New Orleans, LA, 70115