ARIADNE // fri(G)id // MOUTH // Divorce Ring

ARIADNE // fri(G)id // MOUTH // Divorce Ring

Tue, September 4, 2018

Doors: 8:00 pm / Show: 9:00 pm



This event is 18 and over

ARIADNE is an experimental sacred music and new media art duo whose work explores the intersection of mysticism, dream analysis and the failure of digital systems through a synthesis of music performance, digital and interactive art, poetry and dramatic experience. With a focus on interspersing the ritualism of ancient spirituality and the secular iconography of the postmodern, ARIADNE flawlessly bridge the two worlds through their intricate musical compositions, striking digital visuals, and captivating live performances. ARIADNE is comprised of Christine Papania (voice, electronics) and Benjamin Forest (electronics).
The one person experimental music project fri(G)id by Simon Severe has been performing in New Orleans since 2015 in basements, underground venues, theatres, houses and bars. A leading figure in harsh end of the amorphous New Orleans noise scene, they regularly book shows and curated the Experimental Showcase series. fri(G)id’s sound exhibits a darkly intense yet emotional free-form industrial constructed mostly of distorted vocals and slow pounding beats. For the tour fri(G)id is putting out their second recording, and EP tape titled “Alexithymia/Attachment Panic” and performing a live version of this piece.
A new duo showcasing psycho-dramatic devotion to a new standard of possession. MOUTH is a perverted sonic response to the question you've been afraid to ask. Both hole and oracle exploring the remnants of no wave, ambient, and pop alchemy with the abrasive devotion demanded by romantic trash.
Venue Information:
Gasa Gasa
4920 Freret St
New Orleans, LA, 70115